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Listen in on clandestine conversations between two titans of industry. Gary Butterfield and Brayton Cameron discuss new product ideas every other week!

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    14: The G.E.C.K.

    The calculations are finally complete. It's time for our reward...

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    The Pitch Uploaded 12: The Mope-Ped

    Listen, sometimes life gets you down. Especially when you think of all those wasted tears. That's why we bring you the Mope-Ped.

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    The Pitch Uploaded 7: The Boom Tomb

    What do you get for the generation who was given everything? How about the gift of eternal respect: The Boomb Tomb.

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    The Pitch Uploaded 6: Hewlett Placid / Lake Packard

    The brand new Pitch Films presents a technological thriller for the ages and the return of a dearly departed friend. Movies? Films? We've got the things you watch on a screen! (tm)

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