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Listen in on clandestine conversations between two titans of industry. Gary Butterfield and Brayton Cameron discuss new product ideas every other week!

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    16: The REMulator

    This is it. The end. What brave, fantastic world will our heroes face?

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    14: The G.E.C.K.

    The calculations are finally complete. It's time for our reward...

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    The Pitch Uploaded 12: The Mope-Ped

    Listen, sometimes life gets you down. Especially when you think of all those wasted tears. That's why we bring you the Mope-Ped.

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    The Pitch Uploaded 7: The Boom Tomb

    What do you get for the generation who was given everything? How about the gift of eternal respect: The Boomb Tomb.

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    The Pitch Uploaded 6: Hewlett Placid / Lake Packard

    The brand new Pitch Films presents a technological thriller for the ages and the return of a dearly departed friend. Movies? Films? We've got the things you watch on a screen! (tm)

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    The Pitch Uploaded 5: The Flesh Press

    Got an important business or social meeting but your clothes look like the face of a Shar Pei? Freshen up your duds with the power of flesh with the Flesh Press.

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    The Pitch Uploaded 4: Preggnog

    We need strong leaders for the wars to come. Here's how we make that happen: upping teen pregnancy with a custardy tang that can't be beat.

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    The Pitch Uploaded 2: Prepperoni

    Once again, Gary and Brayton capitalize on a fad that's sweeping the nation. Make room for Prepperoni.

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    2. Pitch Classic: The Master-Mate

    We at Pitch Industries have always been about saving time. Now, think of all the time you waste masturbating? What if you could be writing at the stame time? We have you covered.

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    1. Pitch Classic: The Shave Cave

    I'm not sure it's been mentioned on the show, since it's entirely in character, but there's a proto season of The Pitch that I did on my old network. I'm running those here, in reruns, with brief commentaries and jingles included for the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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    Episode 50: SERIES FINALE! The Heat is On

    We're finally afforded our due right before we ride off into the sunset. Thank you everyone for listening to The Pitch! If you have questions for us or discussion prompts, email them in at and we'll answer them in an upcoming special episode. Also, we might do holiday specials from time to time.

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    Episode 49: Six Flagellations Family Fun Ark

    I want a world where we know who let the dogs out and who will let them back in. That's why I got into the Presboluthrocathroscientology Theme Park business.

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    Episode 48: Blankenstein

    Just in time for suicide season, it's a brand new snuggle product from those twin mavens at Pitch Industries.

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    Episode 40: Portland Heat

    It's a brand new exciting drama from the boys behind Osh Josh B Grobans.

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    Episode 38: Smile Dial

    When you're feeling cool ranch, you need a smile that's just a phone call away...

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    Episode 36: No Answer

    Gary moved this week to his brand new home in a one room apartment outside the Dorito Factory. You'll hear all about it next week. Until then...

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    Episode 35: The Ennuinis

    Heart attacks are everywhere these days and you're very likely to have one while erect. KNOW YOUR FACTS.

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    Episode 31: Speed Marriage

    Hey, we know what it's like to be you. You're an innovator, you've recently been divorced and you're sick of speed dating. Try this: Speed Marriage.

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    Episode 30: Tear-Aide

    Sorry about the skip week! I think you'll understand when you listen to the episode.

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    Episode 29: The Grampagonizer

    Hey gramps! Regret your life? Why not hire another old man to venge? We say go for it, with the Grampagonizer.

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    Episode 28: House of Cards

    Have a wedding? You'll get the material to build a house. Interested? Why not listen.

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    Episode 27: The Cry-Brator

    The worst part of children growing up has now been addressed. You're welcome.

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    Episode 25: The Estus Eatery

    The masterminds behind the Pitch recently guested on Bonfireside Chat and that's a fantastic coincidence given that innovation had previously taken them by storm.

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    Episode 22: Apocalips

    Ladies in the apocalypse will mostly be concerned with keeping things away or keeping them close.

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    Episode 20: Poke-mon!

    What do kids like? Poke-mon! So we figured we'd invent them!

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    Episode 15: Hour House

    Roommates are easy to come by, right, if you tap your National Socialist connections, but hey, when you wanna bring a lady home, that isn't going to work! Enter Hour House (enter our house). Special thanks to venture capitalist Rob Olsen!

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    Episode 13: The Pleasure Throat

    Love month continues! A relationship accelorator/burp masking system approaches via the geniuses behind The Throat-o-Scope!

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    Episode 12: Pizza Panties

    I don't know about you but we at The Pitch love multitasking and shape associations. Bringing those two things together: Pizza Panties!

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    Episode 10: Booze Foods

    It used to be food or drink? Why not finally enjoy food and drink?

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    Episode 8: The E.C.O. Pal

    A happy accident resulting from exactly how repugnant The ECA-pal sounds, it's The E.C.O. Pal! Use it to tell everyone about everything today!

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    Episode 7: The SHNSAC!

    Familiarity breeds CONTEMPT! Not content! That's why we need The Sandman Sleep Attack Happy Nap Concept!

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    Episode 6: New Years Eve Party Party

    You know what's a bummer? Planning a New Years Eve party. You know what the solution is? The New Years Eve Party Party!

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    Episode 5: The Santagonizer

    Each year I used to live in fear of this annual monster but couldn't defend against him because those defenses would sometimes harm or inconvenience Holly, Jolly St. Nick. No more!

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    Episode 4: The Gemiknife

    This Pitch is full of insider techniques and tips that are going to save you so much time. It's going to add years to your life: the Gemiknife!

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    Episode 3: The Task Mask

    We can't all be Merilyn Mann or one of his Inbox Heroes, can we? We need a productivity product for the rest of us! Enter: The Task Mask!

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    Episode 2: The Bunshine

    Had an evening of Rip'n'Dips? Do you hate going to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Of course you do. It's the worst! Well, if you're peeing, you can always use The Spashlight. But what if "the other" creeps up? That's where the Bunshine comes in!

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    Episode 1: Menvelopes

    The Guyentists at Menvelopes Labs are at it again with this exciting new product! Never again be embarrassed by the inherently feminine act of sealing an envelope!

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